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[ANNOUNCE] djmount file system


This is to announce djmount release 0.20 :

djmount allows to mount as a Linux filesystem the content
of MediaServer devices compatible with the UPnP AV protocol.

Djmount discovers automatically all UPnP AV Media Servers on the network,
and make the content available in a directory tree.
An Audio or Video file is rendered as a playlist (.m3u or .ram) which
contains an URL for the file. The file can then be streamed by your favorite
media player.

This uses FUSE to implement the user-space file system, and libupnp to access
network devices.

basic browsing is implemented, but it is still alpha code. Only tested with
TwonkyVision UPnP Music Server, but should be able to work with other UPnP
compliant devices.

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