BitTorrent File System based on FUSE

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BitTorrent File System based on FUSE

Bill Cox

I'm thinking seriously about writing a fuse based file system that lets
us mount BitTorrent torrents.

The basic one will be fairly easy, just a day or so of work (I already
wrote my own BitTorrent client).  It will simply let you mount
a .torrent file, and it will only download the data you read from the
torrent.  After that, there's a huge mess of potential upgrades to
enable efficient mirroring of ftp sites in a BitTorrent-like manner.

The end-goal is to enable a globally distributed, high-speed, secure,
robust system of peers providing massively distributed redundant
parallel access to locally cached data from virtually every popular
download site in the world.

However, it turns out that this whole peer-to-peer thing only works if
there are LOTS of peers.  So my question is:

If I build it, will they come?


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