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Eileen Hanrahan



My name is Eileen Hanrahan and I represent B2B Group. Our master database consists of 43+ million B2B and 226+ million B2C contacts, which can be sliced and diced as per your requirement.


Our Data Fields:- Company Name, Website, Contact Name, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Physical Address, Zip Code, Employee Size, Revenue Size, SIC Code etc.


Here's what we do:- We specialize in multi-channel marketing using email, phone, and direct mail and We also assist our clients like you with Email Appending and Data Appending to your current and incomplete prospect database and Data Cleansing to keep your existing database updated by filling in the gaps onto your database with all the ever-changing contact information in the market.


Kindly let me know your target audience and geographical area, so that I can get back to you with the exact counts, pricing, samples and other data information for you to review.


Target Industry :  _________________
Target Geography :  ______________
Target Job Title :  _________________


Industries: All Industries (Information Technology |Education| Hospitality |Finance| Aerospace & Defense |Energy |Healthcare |Retail | Etc.)


Are you available for a 5-10 minute conversation to understand about our services briefly. If yes, I can direct you to our Business Development Manager.


Look forward for your Response.



Best Regards,

Eileen  Hanrahan

Marketing Specialist

T: 917.503.9922 |E: [hidden email]


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