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Greg Millam
I'm sure most of us have run across this annoyance in one way or
another: Editor swap files.

In several of my Fuse apps, filenames are defined by the application,
and are not really variable. (i.e: it pukes at vim trying to create
".filename.swp" files).

I've gotten around this by handling what I determine to be editor files
differently (.foo.sw* for vim, and #foo# for emacs, so far). But at
least vim also appears to attempt to create a numbered file. (In my
tests, most often 4913), but does not write to it and then unlinks it.

I currently handle this by making sure I only bother to write a file if
it's been mknodd'd, then opened, *modified* and then written to. In
other words, I only pass it in if it's created, and then modified. (even

How do other people handle this?


- Greg

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