FUSE process exiting 0 when trying to daemonize

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FUSE process exiting 0 when trying to daemonize

Jason Miesionczek

So I Have my FUSE working fine so far when I've been running it with the debug flag. Decided to try it without debugging, in a normal use case, and it is exiting during fuse_daemonize in the default case of switch(fork()):

* demonize current process by forking it and killing the
* parent. This makes current process as a child of 'init'.
switch(fork()) {
case -1:
perror("fuse_daemonize: fork");
return -1;
case 0:
(void) read(waiter[0], &completed, sizeof(completed));
>>> HERE _exit(0);
I am running this as a normal user, mounting to a mount point that user has full access to. 

If i run the mount as root, it seems to work, but then crashes shortly after.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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