HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX4.0 is released

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HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX4.0 is released

Kuniyasu Suzaki

We released HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX 4.0. 
HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX-4.0 is only 5MB CD image and enables us to use same
contents of 3.8GB DVD KNOPPIX 4.0.
We don't need to download 3.8GB iso image at one time and burn DVD.
5MB CD iso image 
The performance graphs of HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX boot are posted to the knoppix forum.
If there are no delay, boot time of HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX is faster than DVD boot.
If there are 200msec delay (We assumed US/EU user dowonloads form JP site),
boot time of HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX is slower than DVD boot.

Unfortunately current HTTP servers for HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX-4.0 exist in Japan.
The long network delay from US or EU makes boot slow.

Fortunately HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX can connect P2P "coral" proxy.
The proxies exists in US and EU. We hope P2P Proxy works well.


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