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Osman Toplica


I am a student at the University of Southern Denmark.

Our lecturer just gave us an assignment, where the goal is to create a filesystem using FUSE.

However, since I have never worked with filesystems before or been introduced to FUSE, I have a hard time understanding how it works.

Do you have a guide on how I can create a filesystem that satisfies the points described here ?

These are the requirements:

Your file system should implement the following parts of a file system using some appropriate API.

  • Directories: List, create, and delete files. Create and delete directories. Omit rename and link. You are allowed to restrict the length of filenames, if this would make the implementation easier.
  • Files: Open, close. Sequential read/write of streams of bytes.
  • Inodes: Size, access and modification time stamps. Omit owner, permissions, reference count, etc. You only have to implement one level of indirect data pointers.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance,


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