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Mrs. Martha Jefferson
Greetings to you

I'm Mrs. Martha Jefferson a widow to late Mr. Jahn Jefferson from London  "I am 58 years old, my husband is late and he is the Director of a Construction Company here before his sudden death in this Country during Political Crisis in 2013, but before his death, he deposited the sum of $ 4 million dollars with one of the Bank in Malaysia with my name and I have been suffering from pancreatic cancer, my condition is  really bad and it is obvious that I will not live more than two months according to my doctor, and I do not have any child who will take care of large amounts of money, I am willing to donate this amount $ 4 million dollars to you to help widows and people who are disadvantaged in rural and urban areas and to carry out charity work in your Country and around the World in my name.

Waiting for your Urgent Response through my email address, [hidden email]

Remain blessed in the name of God.


Mrs. Martha Jefferson.

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