Regarding FUSE GETARR and SETATTR Requests

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Regarding FUSE GETARR and SETATTR Requests

Bharath Kumar Reddy Vangoor
Hello All,

I’m trying to understand the flow of write back cache option in FUSE. I see in the function “fuse_write_iter” before calling “generic_file_write_iter”, there is a call to “fuse_update_attributes” which checks the time out on attributes and sends a “FUSE_GETATTR” to the user space. Upon receiving the attributes from user space it calls “fuse_change_attributes” which updates the inode attributes except “mtime” and “time” (in case of write back cache). And once the flush of dirty pages happen after “write_pages” there will be a call to “fuse_write_inode” which flushes the “mtime” and “ctime” to the user space using FUSE_SETATTR. My question here is which code is responsible for modifying the “mtime” and “ctime” of the anode inside the FUSE Kernel part that is sent to User space(in write back cache).

Any help is highly appreciated.


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