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Various low price Telecom products

Jun Wang
Dear Sir,

Sorry for the mail without your permission.

It's my favor to introduce our plant as one professional telecommunication products manufacture here in Shanghai.

We supply many kinds of Telecom products as follows:

1...Fiber optic jumper: SM 9/125um, MM 50/125um, 62.5/125um; simplex, duplex; Cable type-PVC, LSZH; Jacket-OFNR, OFNP; Polishing-PC, UPC, APC; connector-SC, ST, FC, LC, MTRJ, MU...

2...Net work patch panel: CAT5E, CAT6; AMP, SYSTIMAX, OEM; 24 ports, 48 ports;...

3...LAN cable: UTP, FTP, SFTP; CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6; 305M/Carton or 500M/Roll...

4...LAN patch cable: UTP, FTP, SFTP; CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6; 8P4C, 8[8C; 0.5M, 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M...

5...USB cable:USB1.1, USB2.0; A/M-A/M, A/M-A/F, A/M-B/M, B/M-B/M...

6...Phone cable: 6P2C, 6P4C line cable, 4P4C Coiled; 0.5M, 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M...

7...Telecom components: Keystone jack, face plat, crimping tools, connection strips...

Welcome OEM and Custom order!

Anything we can do for you just contact with us directly by: [hidden email].

Jun Wang
TEL:+86 21 67820784
FAX:+86 21 67820791
If no use for you, please send one "No thanks" mail to: [hidden email], your won't receive this mail in the future again.

Thanks a lot for your patient on reading our introduction, and sincerely say sorry for disturbing you.

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