fuse in a 32-bit user-land and 64-bit kernel

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fuse in a 32-bit user-land and 64-bit kernel

Shaun Jackman
On my AMD64, I'm running a 32-bit user-land (the Debian i386
architecture) but a 64-bit kernel. After a little difficulty, I
compiled the fuse module as a 64-bit kernel module and loaded it. I
compiled the "Hello, world!" file system as a 32-bit user program.

This was originally an email discussing a problem I had where trying
to access the mounted partition would give the error:
$ ls mnt
ls: mnt: Connection refused

I since found that I only needed to install a newer copy of libfuse
and all was well. Incidentally libfuse 2.2.1 with fuse.ko 2.3.0 did
not work for me.

So, just consider this email a note of success for using fuse in a
32-bit user land with a 64-bit kernel!

Please cc me in your reply. Cheers,

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