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fuse poll and fuse wakeup notify

Michael E Aho

I am trying to understand the protocol requirements of
fuse_interrupt (of fuse_poll_in)

I am going to the file descriptor of the fuse device directly and not using the fuse library. I am just trying to understand
required flows and optional flows with the fuse kernel code.

My thinking was to hold the fuse_poll_in until a poll event happens (indefinite wait in a thread) as no timer was passed on fuse_poll_in.
I would send back the revents when the poll syscall I invoked returns.

Does fuse_interrupt come for the fuse_poll_in upon timer expiry for the user poll?

When is a fuse_notify_poll_wakeup_out need to be done or is useful?

Thanks for any insights. I have been reading code for days on this and trying different methods but still lack understanding.

Best regards,

--Mike Aho

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