lufis,ftpfs - problem with upload to 'write-only' ftp server

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lufis,ftpfs - problem with upload to 'write-only' ftp server


I'm using  

mounting command is
    lufis fs=ftpfs,host=file -o allow_other /mnt/public -s

'File' is ftp server with vsftpd daemon. It's configured for anonymous
write-only ( only creating directories and uploading files ) access. But
isn't possible to upload file via ftpfs. File is created with zero size and 'cp'
says - operation isn't permited.

Seems that ftpfs uploading in two steps.
    1. create file with zero size  
    2. want to upload it, but isn't possible to override existing file.

Vsftpd is configured properly - classic ftp client uploads files
correctly. And when vsftpd permites full access, then uploading works

Is possible to fix it?

Thanks very much.

-- athli

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